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Random Thoughts: I’m thinking about Permanently quitting social media – Ok just Twitter

A feel a dark cloud that threatens to come each time I partake in arguments and petty debates or twitter and especially forums. I am defending the honor of someone I don’t know, because I refuse to condemn them the … Continue reading

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Dr Jade – I’m Listening

Hey peeps, Anyone ever watched Fraiser? You know Fraiser and Niles Crane, spin off from Cheers, Toss Salad and Scrambled eggs, I’m listening. Well today I became Dr. Jade.  Not the first time it has happened, but still very nice … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts – Overwhelmed by What?

Hello, I’m back with another Random Thoughts post, actually the first one of the year. I also got that Wi-Fi issue fixed by buying a hotspot. Works much better. So, I’m sitting here at work, working of course, which is … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts – Sup with Hypocrites?

One thing I can’t stand is Judgmental People. It’s actually a strong pet peeve of mine. What gets me the most is when the judging is done by hypocrites. Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone has hypocritical tendencies to a … Continue reading

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Now that it’s Over – What now?

I’ve been asking myself this since the middle of September, when class ended. Usually, it’s “Ok I wonder how the next semester will be?” Now, it’s “Ok, now what.” Remember at the very end of Finding Nemo, when all of … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink the Kool Aid Just Because It Looks Good

Ok, so I used to go on this site called Rapture Ready a lot to the point where I would live on their forums.  Well, one day I boldly asked why so much hate against Obama on these boards?  I … Continue reading

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