Hurricane Matthew: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

My east coast state did not get to experience the full scale effects of Matthew, when it became a category 1. In fact, once it finished with North Carolina, it went back into the ocean, as it surrendered completely to the hand of God. Its job was done. The message was spread. The devastation was done.

The winds and the waves shall obey thy will; Peace be still. I can hear it so clearly, I can hear the Lord so clear. This was not an average hurricane, this was a message, not just a message, a stern warning.

When my mother (our designated meteorologist) tracked the hurricane, as she did with most of them, she warned that this would be a large scale hurricane. It started in the last days of September, but it didn’t hit the United States until October 7-8.

I saw further signs in forms of memes on Instagram and over the internet, Matthew 10:7
Which says the following:

“And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand (in some translations “near”)”

As the hurricane went out into the ocean, it became a post-tropical cyclone. Ironically, even post-tropical cyclones can cause just as much damage as a hurricane. Even though it was now off the coast of the eastern states, it was still powerful. The message was clear that this is only a taste of what will happen in the future. America was in trouble, once more.

One thing that I learned while doing more research was the devastating effects and aftermath of Haiti. Then I learned why they received such devastating effects. You can visibly see it on the weather channel website and it’s been posted all over the web that when the hurricane made landfall in Haiti, an eerie face was spotted on satellite images, which looked like a skull.


image via here

image via here

I don’t know the connection between Haiti and the skull and I don’t really care that much to investigate. (ok maybe I will, lol) But I will say that this hurricane, like Katrina is definitely a mixture of natural occurrence (this is hurricane season still) and spiritual warfare.

The Lord is not pleased with the United States and it’s an ongoing issue, it’s not just a one-time deal, he’s over it and rightfully so. And not just with the US, but the entire world. Biblical prophecy is fulfilling itself day to day and as Christians, it’s our job to continue to preach the gospel to the lost.

Lets be more vigilant and not ignore or brush aside the warnings that God is bring forth. There will be more like Hurricane Matthew to come. Don’t fret and don’t fear. Trust God in everything and remember to pray without ceasing.

Until next time, if it’s the Lord’s will,



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