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The Reason for Christmas

This time of year is glorious for all of mankind. Mostly because of the tradition of the tree, gift giving, getting together with family, Santa Claus, etc; however, that’s not the reason why the Christmas Holiday exists at all. The … Continue reading

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Bible Study – Sinful Nature Series part 1

I’m learning slowly but surely how the Holy Spirit wants me to proceed when it comes to certain topics. Sometimes, I have no idea what to talk about, which is why sometimes there is a huge gap in the posts, … Continue reading

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God is not your Personal Genie

Prosperity Gospel has to be one of the most misleading supposed promises out there. The prosperity gospel preachers teach you how to get rich, give you little statements like “God wants everyone to be rich.” “God wants you to have … Continue reading

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KJV and the Other Versions

Hello peeps, Ok, one thing that frustrates me is when scripture is twisted and it frustrates me more when some of mankind just twist it so it can benefit them.  Now, if me a mere mortal feels this way, then … Continue reading

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