Random Thoughts: I’m thinking about Permanently quitting social media – Ok just Twitter

A feel a dark cloud that threatens to come each time I partake in arguments and petty debates or twitter and especially forums.

I am defending the honor of someone I don’t know, because I refuse to condemn them the way the world has. If you follow me on twitter, then you can see that I’m talking about Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunnvalson.

A quick backstory: Last year, Vicki’s then Boyfriend Brooks was found to be faking cancer. How and Why was this found out? Well, Vicki argued with this girl Meghan and the Meghan being pissed off, decided to investigate Brook’s claim that he had cancer. Not to be mention, a “psychic” said that he was faking. They took the word of a psychic and just ran with it. So, they browbeat Vicki into showing proof that he did had cancer. Well, she ended up being guilty by association and people have been cutting her reputation to the white meat every since.

The reason why I defended her was because I was sick of people saying she lied about having cancer and she was in on the cancer scam. No, it was her now ex-boyfriend who did those things. Yeah she lied about having one of her castmates’ husband come to her house to administer an IV treatment to Brooks in the middle of the night and she wanted compassion and a casserole. That really didn’t warrant her being in on a lie or a scam. All she has said was to confront Brooks about it. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, on the show she was hurt in an accident, where her castmate and former BFF Tamra was driving a dune buggy they were in and it flipped multiple times. Now people are saying that she exaggerated her injuries for sympathy and that it was her karma.

I don’t like that. I don’t like when people lack compassion and I definitely don’t like it when people just automatically accuse people of doing something due to their association with someone else. Don’t group them together.

If she is guilty, God will deal with that accordingly in his way.

More than that, Jesus himself said in John 8:7 says “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”

I’m not going to condemn Vicki. I’m not going to hate her, I’m not going to judge her. I don’t have proof or evidence to the fact of what she has been accused of doing is true. But more than that, my gut feeling is telling me that she’s not guilty of what she has been accused of. And if I’m wrong and she is, then like I said, let God handle this.

So, in getting into a 3 hour debate on Reality Tea, I realize that I was exactly as worldly as they are. It’s not something that I should have engaged in. But what’s done is done. Lord forgive me for acting out of character I was before I gave my life to you. I was actually pretty friendly with my debates, but I still didn’t feel right about it.

I’m better than this, because when you’re in Christ, you’re a new creation, you’re in the light, as he is in the light. God is the light and Satan is the dark. Satan has his world already in the palm of his hands, so it’s not so far stretch that his reign in the social media world has exploded to an uncomfortable environment.

So, I think I’m going to delete my twitter. Facebook, I don’t really use, but I’m trying to beat my cookie jam score. I’m keeping instagram and the snapchat, I don’t know why with snapchat. But yeah. I know people will say “Hey you got to learn to ignore and not engage” I’m weak and I’m not ashamed to say that. I’m more lethal with writing, so combine that with the flesh and PMS, then yeah I think it’s good for me to move on from that.

I may lose a few followers, but it’s ok. I didn’t create this blog for popularity. I was chosen to create it to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share my experiences as I walk this journey with the Lord. If I create another account, it will be the Lord’s will.

Now, I have had my surgery, three weeks ago to be exact. I haven’t felt like doing anything except manage the pain I’m still having. But I had to explain why I was deleting my twitter page to yall (it’s really the only social media thing that is connected to this blog). So if you still want to follow this blog, then feel free to enter your email to get the updates and alerts.

Ok loves,

Take care,



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