Don’t Drink the Kool Aid Just Because It Looks Good

Ok, so I used to go on this site called Rapture Ready a lot to the point where I would live on their forums.  Well, one day I boldly asked why so much hate against Obama on these boards?  I got so much grief, not about possibly defending Obama but the fact that I voted for him last election and that I am a democrat.  I was also told that in so many words that couldn’t understand why I am a Christian because of who I have voted for.

Now I’ll admit, my defense was probably ungodly at times because I was defending myself as a Christian but a line was crossed when I allowed my flesh to take control.  I have a temper once I get pushed to that breaking point.  In fact, I used to have blackout rages (Thank you Lord that I only had 2 occurrences) that only happened before I was saved.  Ironically, I was also in my preteens when those 2 blackouts happened.  Even now in adulthood, I am well aware that it can happen again.  That frightens me but I believe in my heart that the Holy Spirit takes control before that happens and he did stopped me a few times as an adult before making that huge devastating mistake.  (not trying to be dramatic, I just take forever to make my point sometimes)

Anyhoo, the one thing that has remained consistent throughout my life and that is I don’t drink the kool aid so easily aka follow the leader, the crowd, or what say you.  So when it came to Rapture Ready, the main common goal was our belief in Christ and that it was a pre-tribulation rapture site.  However, I never made the correlation that Christianity meant an automatic membership to being all things republican.  I’m not nor will I ever be a political person because it’s not an interest of mine.  However, I guess in my spiritual growth, compassion must have been developing or red flags were coming up, not really sure.  I just know that as Christians, we’re supposed to love and respect everyone, no matter what the circumstance may be.  It’s still a growing process on my part I will confess but my biggest gripe about that site was that my salvation was being questioned because I wouldn’t vote for who they wanted me to vote for (which as of now, is Mitt Romney).  I was told, that who I vote for spoke a lot about who I was as a Christian and if I was a bible believing Christian, then I would know who the right choice would be.

Now, this is what rattled my cage.  First and foremost, Christianity is about a relationship with Christ, because we believed in him and trusted in him, and through faith we were saved by grace.  Not of works, not of who we know, and definitely not of our political stances.  Whether or not, you vote as a republican or a democrat; as a liberal or a conservative, does not make you any less or more of a Christian nor does it dictate who you are in Christ or as a person overall. You can basically vote for whomever you want to vote for and no one has the right to force or judge you because of your voting preferences.

Another issue that rattled my cage is the outright hate on the site towards Obama.  I’m a straightforward person, I’m not a sugarcoat type person.  I’m not going to say something to make another person feel good, especially if it’s not the true.  If I say anything or confess something, best believe, I’m telling you the truth even in the midst of a confrontation or something that can cause conflict.  There is a fine line between sugarcoating to make someone like you or to make that person feel good vs.  Picking and choosing your own battle so you don’t end up in trouble or worse out of the fellowship with God. Sometimes, I agree to disagree because I’m not good at confrontations and I hate conflict.  However, most people that know my personality know that when I speak up with aggression or any type of assertiveness then I’ve either been pushed to the limit or I’m willing to debate to the death to defend my character.   I had to ask after seeing the type of hatred that was coming from Christians, why do they hate Obama so much and what is the real reason behind the hatred?  Most of my questions or responses from this thread were deleted because they didn’t agree.  (I’ll post the thread so you can see for yourself. My screenname is makeupgirl) **I only linked the 3rd page to the thread but on page 2, I posted in 2010 and at that time I wasn’t an Obama fan but now I am.  Also, all of my post were deleted because they didn’t agree, so the posts on this thread in 2012 is via response from another poster**

I tell people all the time, that people need to own up to their own stuff whenever they make mistakes or whenever they feel the way that they feel, even if it’s harsh.  I have more respect for the person that outright tell me face to face that they hate me, then the person that smiles in my face but hate me in secret.  I can’t stand phony or fakeness and there is a deeper issue as to why these Christians at Rapture Ready hate Obama.  Some members think that Obama is a Muslim or that he is not a Christian, despite his confession that he is a Christian. Some say that even though Romney is Mormon, he is the lesser of two evils, even though Mormonism is not Christianity.  Obama and Romney religious preferences have NOTHING to do with their attitude towards Obama, it may be some of the problem but I’ve seen this before Romney was in the picture when I joined the forum in 2010.  But the word of God does say “by their fruits, we will know them”  I believe the deeper issue has to do with race in my opinion.  I hate that it’s a possibility but can’t continue to ignore the elephant in the room either (or in the forum in this case).  Whether the reason, I just wish this forum will own up to their hatred of Obama, confess this to God, and leave it be.  If they are true Christians, then they know that we are to love even our enemies and there are many scriptures that tells us in the New Testament of how we as Christians as suppose to live…check them out.

Let me be clear, I’m not perfect as a human being; we who have trusted Christ as our Lord and Savior are perfected only in him because we’re new creatures in Christ and in Christ alone can that change happen; not who we vote for because that doesn’t save you and will not save you.

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