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So, I’ve been gone for a hot minute. Real life happened. Death happened. Laziness happened.

I had started a youtube channel, which I’m convinced that it was something that the Lord did not want me to do from the beginning, but allowed me to maintain it to get it out of my system. Then he blocked me from doing it again in form of laryngitis, my camera battery died, my web cam not being cleared thus producing bad quality, and if that wasn’t enough, a had a video that was cut off because I ran out of memory. Then my viewship started to drop, where I barely had 50 views. I finally receive that this was a one month wonder and since it was a coping mechanism, it isn’t something that should be done on the regular.

I’m going to keep the channel up, as a reminder that I did it and that something I can scratch off my bucket list.

I think another reason why it didn’t work out, was because I felt like I lost a little of myself in reviewing the reality shows. I’m actually exhausted from reality tv shows. I knew the day would come but I didn’t think it would happened cold turkey. But here are my reasons of why I stopped watching.

RHOA – Basically it became the “Let’s blame Kenya Moore for everything under the sun” show. I’m not cool to ever gang up on a person. That’s just not cool and I couldn’t stomach it anymore. Plus, the ladies were just a bunch of hypocrites. So, I’ll watch the reunion, since I did actually watched 14 episodes of this season, but after that reunion, that is it.

Plus, I was disguisted with the fact that you have folks like Phaedra and Rev THOT herself Porsha, saying they are Christians, but then are the first to gyrate themselves or dress inappropriately on my screen. And since I have HD, Mine eyes have seen the not so glory of the cellulite that I looked upon with these women. The very image of Porsha shaking her butt, after getting out of the pool is still etched in my brain. I can’t remember what panties I have on, but I remember that.

Not to mention, I’ve never been so disappointed in Cynthia Bailey, who was actually one of my favs. I can’t believe that this almost 50 year old woman doesn’t have a brain of her own. I would deny a person to be my best friend, in fact, no matter the age, it’s nothing wrong with having a BFF. What is wrong is denying it and smiling in the girl’s face and ditching that friend, because your former BFF is back in the picture.

We all saw how bad Nene treated Cynthia last season and Kenya had her back, when no one else did. So, for to discredit that and say “We’re still getting to know each other” after 3-4 years of hanging out, confiding in each other, etc is mind boggling.

Ok, so what if Jesus was in Kenya’s predicament and I was playing the role of Cynthia. When asked if Jesus was my best friend or even asked if he was my Lord and Savior. Would I dare say “no I’m still getting to know him” to save face in the moment of embarrassment? No way, Jose. I’m proud to proclaim the name of Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I’m grateful and thankful for our relationship and it’s a cherished relationship at that and I would never deny my relationship or friendship with Jesus.

What gets me the most about this show, especially with the Ladies against Kenya is that Kenya for all her faults and drama is actually capable of feeling remorse for her actions. I’ve seen her apologize more than any person in the entire Housewives Franchise. And it breaks my heart that this is a unfunny running gag, where 1 woman has a target on their back as the designated villain of the season.

Kenya seems to have this each season

Last year on RHOBH, it was Kim Richards and then we later learned she went back to drinking to cope with certain issues in her life that were going on. Now this year, the ladies are trying to come down on Yolanda Foster, attempting to figure out if she has Lyme Disease, because she has taken selfies on Instagram? Give me a break.

Let’s not forget RHOC (Orange County) where the entire season was dedicated to taking Vicki down, by proving that her boyfriend Brooks was faking cancer. I’m sorry, but you will not blame me for the actions of another person. That is something I can’t fathom and it’s very different from what Jesus had to do to pay our debt in full, because he was without sin. Whereas, Brooks lied and by contrast, the ladies on that show blamed Vicki and even wrote her completely off and believed the word of a virtual stranger. (I can’t watch this show anymore either)

They did the same on NY, NJ, Miami, DC, and probably Potomac (I actually like Potomac)

While, we’re at it, lets throw in Mob Wives. Now the only reason why I ever watched this show was for Big Ang. I even tried to watch Season 1 on Hulu, but I couldn’t get through it, because Big Ang wasn’t on it. (My deepest condolences by the way) Big Ang was the light in all of the turmoil and betrayal and senseless gang ups and fights that was endured in the seasons she was on there. Even this season, I’m not feeling the petty drama.

So I’m pretty sure that I’ve lost most of you at this moment, because reality tv shows epic poem of a rant. My bad. Let me get back on track. I probably will end up venting about it, probably to better show how I deal with it as a Christian. In retrospective, I probably shouldn’t be watching it at all. Since I grew up in the Real World/Road Rules era, I’m probably immune to the rise and addiction of reality tv shows.

Anyhoo. As I was saying about the youtube channel, I think after the destructions and distractions, I got the picture. Because I could have sworn, I heard him say “now how many ways do I have to show you don’t continue” After that, I felt better, like a load was lifted.

Now the channel was still up, if anyone wants to check it out. It was just reviews for my fav tv shows. I haven’t decided yet, if I want to delete it altogether.

In the meantime, I also asked the Lord to help revamp this particular blog, the main idea that he keeps bringing back to me is to blog in a journal format about living day in and day out as a Christian. To show that even though I am a believer in Christ and believe and trust him as my Lord and Savior forever and ever; but also to show that there are days where I also struggle.

Perhaps, he is showing both my lovely readers and myself how much it is important to involve him in all and every aspect of our lives. Perhaps, it is his will for me to teach via my life example. Not really sure of the reason, but one thing that is certain that this blog is to continue to glorify and to praise him, as well as spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and leading the lost to a saving knowledge of grace through him.

In the meantime, I will if the Lord’s will and the creek don’t rise, will see you all in my next post.  Continue to pray for me and each other.




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