Sorry for the MIA

Hello All,

I’m sorry for the MIA. If you follow me on twitter, than you know that I’ve been extremely busy, tired, and I haven’t been sleeping well. Another issue is that my stepfather is dying. He’s currently in at home hospice, until they move him to an actual hospice center. So, I’ve been on edge, moody, depressed, angry, etc. I’ve seriously been going through the motions. I actually got in trouble at work for snapping on someone, I mean I got written up.

Also, I’m about to embark on a journey that I have long wanted to share with you all, but will do this in another post. Head to my personal site for more details.

I didn’t want to stay away too long, but I’ve just been in a unshakable fog. My bio-dad died 5 years ago (it will be 6 in January). I was 28 then and now at 34, I’m about to lose my stepfather. My bio-dad’s death was unexpected, but my stepfather’s is like any minute now, they can tell us that he’s gone and it breaks my heart to know that, but also it breaks my heart seeing my mom go through seeing her husband dying.

I’m leaning on the Lord to help prepare me to be there and to be strong for my mother. She is a strong woman and there is a reason why God made her the oldest amount her siblings (she also have a half-sister on my grandfather’s side) She’s the anchor and I don’t like seeing my mother sad or in pain. It literally breaks my heart and it also breaks my heart to see my stepfather in this state.

So, I’m hoping I can just focus on my work, managing 2 blogs, everything else being like a therapeutic type escape, so I don’t think about what’s to come regarding this situation. If you see me disappear again, he died or I’ve become blocked and have no desire at that moment to share (I have the tendency to run, when I get in pain. It’s an annoying trait, but sometimes it’s my way of coping)

But I thought that I owed it to you all my readers and supporters a clear explanation about my lack of blogging.

So, continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, but definitely keep my family in your prayers. I’ll be ok and we will make it through this storm.

God Bless and see you in the next post.


About Jade

a boho-punk Christian that Loves Christ.
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