Bible Study Lesson – The End Times Part 3: Signs of the Second Coming Part 1

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Signs of the Second Coming part 1

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24, about what the signs are and he also made it clear that know one but God the Father knew the day or hour when he will return following the signs.

Basically we are in the season and we know we are in the season based on the signs that Jesus gave us, as well as other signs and indicators that has been prophesized all over the bible. (BTW, there is no actual order as to when the signs happen)

Jesus was asked in verse 3 by one of the disciples to tell them the signs that will signal his return and the end of the world.

Many will come claiming to be Jesus saying that they are the Messiah and they will deceive many.

This has been going on for a long time.  No doubt about it.  It probably still goes on today, but when I was little, I used to always see in the grocery store, that STAR mag about Jesus’ return.  I didn’t understand but at the same time, I knew it was not true.  I can only say that I believe that God was letting me know, even as a little girl, that what I was seeing was not true.

Rumors and threats of wars; Nation will go to war against nations, Kingdoms against Kingdoms

In the 20th century alone, we have had World War 1 and 2, Vietnam, Gulf War, etc. This century, Iraq War, the War in Somalia, then we’re also dealing with Al-Qaeda which is ongoing.  We also have always heard rumors that any time now, there may be a possible attack from North Korea.

There have always been some type of war, but since 9/11, the threat of World War 3 has been I’m sure across everyone’s mind.  I wasn’t even a Christian when 9/11 happens and I knew that the event and the events surrounding it was important to remember (I gave my life to Christ the December 2001, 3 months after 9/11).  Here in 2014 and even as I write this, I understand that the rumors and threats of wars are not to be taken lightly.  Prophecy is fulfilling itself for sure.

Famines, Pestilence, and Earthquakes in various places

Yeah, watch the news and you will always get an ear full about a recent earthquake, recent flu outbreak, droughts, famines, etc.  It’s a deadly world we live in now.  Plus, it’s not like these events are happening in one set area, it’s worldwide.  I live on the East Coast and experienced the Earthquake that had the entire East Coast talk about it.  (Ironically the earthquake triggered an asthma attack in me.) These are not small earthquakes; they are powerful ones to sometimes trigger Tsunamis

H1NI, MRSA, Nor0virus, etc are the current epidemics that are occurring (ok they have always been out) but they are more pronounced than ever before.  Even cases of septicemic and pneumonic plague outbreaks has been announced.  I thought we only had to worry about the flu and the common cold; now combine that with Monocluesosis, Meningitis, and other diseases out there and times that by 3 and the escalation of it all continues to greater numbers.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Pestilence at it’s finest.

Let’s just say that Earthquakes, Famines, and Pestilence is now a common trend along with the ongoing reality TV shows.  I mean it’s so common that you may say “Again?”

Jesus says that this is the first of birth pains with more to come.  The world is officially in labor and the contractions have started and the water has been broken.

We will go over more signs in the next post,

Keep Studying




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