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I’m sure everyone has visited one at some point during their internet experience. Sometimes it can be a little devious and overwhelming, but sometimes it can be uplifting and godly. It’s all in how we choose to approach the modern technology of our generation.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you represent me’ or “you represent this company”? We as humans represent a lot in our lives. We represent our family, our job, our relationship, but we represent something else to: We represent Jesus Christ.

When we become saved, we are no longer of the world. We are in it, but not of it; in fact, we are strangers in a strange land. When I became in new creature in Christ, I knew that I was a different person and it wasn’t just because I was transitioning from teenager to adulthood (I was 20 at the time), I knew that something amazing had happened. I didn’t know what it was until later on in my walk with the Lord. My previous Pastor used to tell us that basically the supernatural could not come in contact with the natural and nothing happened. And that’s what happened when believers are born again, we receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit upon the confession of our faith in Christ; but when that happened, we no longer represented the world. WE now represented Jesus Christ and we became apart of the body of Christ.

Now, when we as believers go on social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (that’s still around?), internet forums, etc; your representation as a Christian is being observed like we’re under a microscope. I used to spill all of my business on Facebook and I actually felt convictions when I would vent certain stuff about what I was going through. My life was on display, on display, each and every day, everyday (sorry, I went Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey on ya, lol) but seriously, word would get back to me that such and such knew something because I had posted it on Facebook. My co-workers got mad at me once for posting something and it was innocent on my end, but not to them. That’s when I first learned I needed to limit who I allow to see my info. I learned about customizations on Facebook. I would limit who could see what (Oh such power, the absolute power). Now, I just really go on and play games on Facebook and if I see anyone’s post to crazy in my feed (complainers, I mean like seriously?) then I’ve learned what the hide button is. As of now, I mostly go on Facebook to lurk and sometimes play games. (Lord knows I get sick of those game requests though.)

Now, attached to this blog is my twitter feed. I try to keep a hint of anonymously for my personal protection, which is why I don’t have my Facebook page attach to it (I do have my twitter feed going to my Facebook page, however) and although I have my instragram attached, I’m careful not to put a pic of myself on my twitter feed. In fact, I had to start a new twitter page because of unwanted spam, so I did lose a lot of contacts, but that’s cool. Twitter is more low key for me, because I mostly retweet a lot of stuff vs. posting an actual twit, especially since I have it connected to Facebook (not the other way around)

Now on internet forums, I’m a bit overly passionate, especially on Christian boards. I’ve gotten band from a few actually for putting people in their places. I’m not really like that in real life…he he…but I literally hate it when people would twist the word of God. On this one forum, I got banned from; I called out this girl, who was this “clairvoyant” or whatever told her point blank she was manipulating the scriptures and was a false prophet and I wasn’t scared. I told the mods to do what they needed to do. I didn’t care. There are babies in Christ that come to these forums seeking help and guidance and when I see that, I go into that natural protective big sister mode I guess. I still lurk there sometimes; btw…….the girl actually thought I was stalking her anonymously from another screen name. (I didn’t) but I thought it was funny to say the least. I hope that one day she would learn from our disagreements as I did and grow from it, but also truly come to know Christ and be apart of the body of Christ and stop playing the Church. Ya heard!

Another one (and if you read my first couple of posts you would see my lovely experiences there) Rapture Ready forums. Ah! It was ok in the beginning. It’s a pre-tribulation rapture forum, and since I am one, I thought sure why not. Now, I’m only going to say this once, but we Christians cannot get wrapped up in politics, because it causes too much of a division and it’s worldly division. All I did was ask why they hated Obama. I wasn’t defending him or anything or anyone, it was just a simple question. My salvation was questioned by my own peeps, yall. I thought we had a common connection, my bros and sis in Christ or at least that’s what I thought. I’m opened to ask things like this with my biological sister, I thought it was ok. You would have thought I had said “bomb” on the plane. Finally, I had enough and I defended myself, especially when they downed me for being a democrat. I told them that they were wrong to hate Obama, even if they were against him. I told them that they were borderline racists. I also told them that a true Christian will pray and honor their current leader (Jesus said render unto Caesar what’s Caesar and render unto God what’s God) What do you think we are suppose to do? I also told them to get over it when I told them I was a democrat. It was brutal to say the least. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t tell them that I was a Dallas Cowboy fan. Lol

My point is, as reps of Christ and of the body of Christ, we have to constantly be on guard, because Satan can and will use everything to his advantage to discredit us. Why? Well, he aint our leader anymore. He lost us, he can’t control us anymore. I have to catch myself on these forums, because I get overly passionate to the point where pride creeps in and then the Holy Spirit say “Hey don’t’ cross that line”. Even now on, there are a couple of threads I stopped posting to, because the argument was going to get heated and I’m already on blood pressure medicine, I don’t want to make that worse. But when you yield to the Holy Spirit, he will direct your paths in everything, including social media. And let me say that social media aint for everybody. Sometimes, people got to just say no. I have thought about deactivating (because FB won’t let you delete it) my Facebook page, because, well I just don’t care anymore and it’s not fun anymore. It was more fun when it was limited to high school and college students.

I got to learn to think before I speak (or in this case type). I’m not being a coward behind the scenes of my laptop but I articulate better when I’m writing, so I can also argue better. In person, yeah I’m a punk. Mostly because I’m non-confrontational and also I’m super shy. It is what it is, but I’m also a representative of Christ everywhere I go, even as little as somewhere like the public restroom. We as Christians, have to represent right and conform not to the world, but yield to the Holy Spirit, as he leads and guides every aspect of our lives. When we ask the Holy Spirit to take over, that’s when we will represent Christ the best.

Let’s examine our lives and see if we are indeed representing correctly.



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