Random Thoughts – New Year! New Experiences!


Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome to 2014, because 2013 went very, very fast. 

2013 wasn’t so bad in fact; a lot of blessings came out of it. 

-I graduated from college with my Bachelor degree in Business. 

-I became a mother to a kitten that I named Leia. 

-I got a new job. 

-I witnessed my sister’s BFF get married (she’s like a little sister to me)

I believe that the good and the bad experiences balance each other out.  It’s like sometimes it has to rain and storm, so we can appreciate the sunshine and the beauty of the earth.  (That was deep) Some experiences are ongoing, some never seem to want to go away, some experiences you may get better at handling them. 

2013 taught me that I’m not the same person that I was at age 31 or as I was at age 12.  I’ve learned what battles to fight and when not to fight.  I’ve learned that sometimes I appreciate things that may be deemed bad in the eyes of the world or that is unacceptable to the norm, because I see the beauty in it.  Like for an example: the goth/punk/boho culture.  I consider myself a mixture of all 3, because of my state of mind.  I love seeing someone with far out styles like piercings, dyed hair that is out of the norm, etc; I want that, so bad, but despite the fact that I can give two pies about what anyone thinks, I in some way have to think about what someone thinks, especially working in corporate America.  Not to mention, my mother has already said in so many words not to even go there (mostly do to health reasons).  Believe me, if I could get away with dying my hair pink or even just a strip of pink in my hair, I’ll do it.  I love going against the norm and the traditions of life.

2013 also taught me that some people in my life just cannot be trusted and this includes family members, co-workers, and friends.  I actually questioned myself “Why are you friends with this person?”  When I start to question myself like that, it’s time to re-evaluate some things. Now I can get along with just about anyone, I just have 2 requests:  Don’t cross me and don’t take away my identity.  When I mean don’t take away my identity I mean – don’t tell me how to act, feel, think, eat, or whatever; especially if you are the picture perfect example.  I literally hate that.  I think that some people that uninvitingly give their opinion wants that person to fall in line and do what they said, like their advice is the gospel.  Sometimes you got to tell people goodbye.  It was good while it lasted.  See ya later Slick.  One less bell to answer, one less egg to fry. 

Some people just don’t know how to act.  It’s like they are stuck in high school mentally or something.  When you find a friend that is unsupportive, judgmental, make you feel like crap when you get around them, and it’s mostly a one-sided relationship, then it’s time to let go.  I’ll suck at first loosing them, but trust me, you’ll gain new perspective and you’ll save an extra $20-40 in co-payments to the Psychologist/Psychiatrist. 

I also learned that despite the fact I’ve never been in love romantically with anyone yet, I know I am capable of it, because my true love is Jesus Christ. You know those signs that they always say “You know you’re in love when”  Well, I’m getting those signs every minute, second, of everyday and it’s not for some random guy (because I’m not dating anyone and haven’t in years) but it’s to God, I’m in love with Jesus and it’s a great feeling and a wonderful experience, because it’s permanent.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to be celibate or I’m design for single hood.  Yeh nope.  I still have urges and feelings that is designed to be discovered and played out with my hubby and God knows that I’m looking forward to the day I meet him, but I’m waiting for the right time and the right time is when God say it is time.  Until then, I’m content with what I have and the season that he has me in right now.  In other words, my desire for marriage and even motherhood is there (I’m mean I’m going to be 33 in April) but it’s on the backburner, it’s not a focal point.  God wants our complete attention and we are to want his attention, as well.  I want a marriage that is Christ-centered that won’t take me away from Christ (since it is a Christ-centered marriage that probably wont happen) I don’t want an ADD relationship. 

So that season is coming, I know it is and I believe and have faith that it is.  I was looking at wedding dresses and accessories yesterday with my mother and I found a dress that I would love to wear and then I had to ask my mom, how did we suddenly start looking at wedding dresses?  It was weird but in my heart I knew that I was in preparation.  Just like when I got Leia, I just hope when I have my human babies, they would want to be held and affectionate. (Leia is not an affectionate kitty)

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve learned in a very long nutshell about 2013.  With the upcoming new experiences, I hope that I will let God lead and for me to stop trying to control every aspect. (love life) Stop telling people stuff, especially when they use it against me. (crazy folk in my life) Take better care of the body that he has given me since conception (diet and exercising more) Take care of myself spiritually and mentally (Get back on the stick with studying the word more diligently)

I encourage everyone to look to God and to see what plans he has for your life this coming year.  Ask and continue to ask for his guidance and wisdom.  He knows how the story ends, so just rely on the author and finisher of your life and let him lead.



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