God is not your Personal Genie

Prosperity Gospel has to be one of the most misleading supposed promises out there. The prosperity gospel preachers teach you how to get rich, give you little statements like

“God wants everyone to be rich.”

“God wants you to have more money.”

“God will bless you financially if you honor him.”

“If you tithe, then God will give you more back.”

“If you ask God for anything and you have tithe, then God has to honor that, because you have tithe and stored your blessings with him financially.”

Yeah, ok….. I thought the whole point of being a preacher was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that souls can be saved.

Jesus said to his disciples to “Go ye therefore, teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” (Matt 28:19)

Now, I know I aint the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I don’t remember reading and studying anything about go teaching people how to be, getting, or stay rich. At least, not materialistically

Have yall seen that show “Thicker Than Water”? If you have watched it, you probably already know that the family that is featured on there “The Tankard Family” is being raked through the coals, so to speak. When I watched this show, all I saw was bragging and bragging and more bragging; and when the question of their wealth always come up, especially with the bragging, the response is always “Oh they jealous”

I aint jealous of what you got; I’m perfectly content with my off name brand, no longer sold in target 19 inch flat screen ok.

If I hadn’t learn this before watching this, then the lesson is being taught now – God is not anyone’s genie? He’s not going to give us anything amiss, meaning with selfish intentions. We as the children of God should already know that anything you ask would be given according to the will of God.

It is written that “the Love of money is the root of all evil”. I live in the United States, which is considered among the wealthiest countries in the world. We have Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City, which is like the gamble city of the world. We also have someone winning the Lotto jackpot everyday (Don’t’ forget to claim that on your taxes, sugar plum)

**side bar*** Las Vegas is actually my favorite city to visit.

I’ll admit I have participated in playing the lottery; in fact, I just donated $4 at work. I have absolutely no idea if we’re going to win, but its kinda fun for me, because I don’t take it that seriously. In other words, I’m not going to kill myself, if I don’t win.

Another admission, as I said up above, Vegas is my favorite city, and it’s a lot of reasons such as, seeing the various people that visit (people watching is so much fun, especially in the Forums mall in Caesar Palace), the buffets, the comfy bed and jet tub, the daily exercise (it’s a lot of walking), but more importantly, Las Vegas has a MAC Pro Store, Inglot, a huge Sephora, and a plethora of stores that I don’t have the luxury of going to in my city. (I’m a makeup geek) I do hit the slots (1 cent only) and I have won a few times, but I’m not stupid with what I’ve won. I’ll save it and take it home and pay bills. (Being responsible sucks sometimes) It was only one time that I lost $150.00 and I was very buzzed from the strawberry daiquiri (I’m not a drinker anymore, so when I do partake, it hits hard). That was definitely a lesson taught, lesson learned moment.

As humans we all appreciate getting a buck or 2 or 3, especially to pay bills or for materialistic wealth. That’s human of us. However, the line is crossed when one is willing to sell their soul in exchange for that wealth. In fact, Jesus said it himself in Mark 8:36-37 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Some people will sell their soul to keep up with the joneses or with pookie and dem. How about focusing on what God has in store for you according to his will, word, and way and stop trying to compete with the world.

Is it possible for Christians to be wealthy? Yeah, Um Job comes to mind. David and Solomon were kings, so they were wealthy in their own right, as well. I think some people are better trusted with money than others. I especially think that about myself. I’ve had a trust fund at 18 and now today at 32, the trust fund is gone. I was irresponsible and no one gave me the education I needed to not spend that money so quickly and foolishly. As I admitted before, when I go to Vegas, I have and do hit the penny slots. Sometimes, I actually win something. The highest was over a thousand. Because of the danger of gambling, I pray each time I hit the casino; especially since I have an addictive personality. One addiction replaces the other addiction. I have a spending addiction and a gaming addiction (Candy Crush is a prime example of how powerful my addiction to games are). Anyhoo, there were times were I’ve placed a $100 bill in the slot and I spend until I saw the number get lower and lower and I would pray, “Dear Lord, please let me hit the free spins or hit the 9th quick hit” and I was serious too. I was on fire and I was listening to my flesh at that moment, instead of the Holy Spirit who was telling me to back off and give it a rest. Each time I go to Vegas it’s a learning experience. There is a good thing I don’t go to gamble. I just enjoy the shopping. (Isn’t that ironic)

Bottom line, it’s ok to want materialistic stuff. Hey, I want a Louis Vuitton bag one day. But I’m not pressed, if that day never comes. Another thing, don’t brag about it. 1) Not impressed, 2) It’s aint cute, 3) I can careless. Did you know that most wealthy people, especially those of old money, do not brag but let the luxury that they get speak for itself, if they choose to bring out in the open. (They also shop at Wal-Mart. Hey it’s reasonably priced) In my opinion, when I see anyone brag about what they have gotten, I see insecurity and a touch of immaturity. You may be trying to fill a void. I remember one of my co-workers getting a Jimmy Choo bag for her birthday one year and she walked to every cubicle on our team and showed the bag. I liked the bag, but I was like seriously did you just showed everyone that you got a high priced bag?

One thing we need to remember, what God giveth, he can also take it away, especially wealth that can be misused and it doesn’t have to be financial immaturity, it can be choosing to worship money or the materialistic item, instead of worshiping God. Jesus said we can’t worship 2 masters. You going to either hold to the one (meaning loyalty and devotion) and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Matt 6:24) Mammon definition can be described as riches and greed in form of a false god. Basically it’s anything that is going to take your attention away from worshipping and serving God. This something that none of the prosperity preachers teach.

And everything I watch Thicker Than Water, and even those lovely BET infomercials about the prayer cloth, spring water, and giving $1000.00 by faith, I think about Matt 6:24. Not only does the gift that Holy Spirit has given me discerning of spirits kick in, but my other radar goes off, as well. Seriously, one is so desperate for what they want that they would sell their soul for the profit. What do most crimes have in common? The major denominator is money.

Now, it’s not a sin to be prosperous or to even want materialistic things, but when you tread down a path where it becomes your god, your in trouble. Because you have chosen to seek the happiness of the things of this world, than God. Seriously, if you became rich tomorrow, glory hallelujah. Don’t’ forget who the supplier of your newfound wealth is and please make sure it’s legal. But more importantly, don’t forget who the ultimate provider is.

So, remember this:

1) Money is not evil. God created money, so it’s not evil. But the love of money is evil.

2.) Being covetous (envying what someone has) is a sin. Oh and it’s also synonymous with idolatry, which God hates. God is a jealous God and he’s not going to share his glory with anything or anyone else, especially with the luxurious things of this world.

3) Materialistic things don’t always include luxurious wealthy stuff. It’s anything that’s going to get your full attention and it’s easy to do. I’m guilty of it. Something as small and harmless like watching Arrow on Netflix every night and then going to bed without studying the word dance in that realm of idolatry. (I am still sorry about that Lord)

If there is one thing, I’m learning, especially when it comes to being competitive with someone or something else, Don’t be jealous about what others have. You don’t know what price was paid to get what you want that they have.

And more importantly, God is not our personal genie. Let’s respect him in everything.

xoxo…..be careful if you’re going Christmas shopping.


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