Enemies Part 1 – The archenemy

Everybody got one.  Some have just one and some have a few.  Enemies are like that annoying spider that likes to play “bite the human and leave a scar”.  They are itty bitty spiders that are so small that sometimes you cannot see them but they are there, lurking, and waiting to scout their surroundings.  Most the time, they come out at night.  You may wake up to see a red weep and wonder how did that happened?  Then, if you have the ability to identity the source of the weep or bite, you will probably conclude that it was a spider that decided to leave that lovely present.  Then there are the archenemies that make their presents known in full throttle, like a brown recluse spider.  They are the most poisonous ones that will cause the most chaos, pain, and panic.  The reason why the arch-enemy causes so much chaos is because they like to see how far they can push your buttons to the point of mass destruction.  With a poisonous spider like the brown recluse, it’s important to find it quickly before it causes some serious damage to the human or pet in the household.  I would like to show you a well-known archenemy of a well-known hero.

Most recently, I got into the Christopher Nolan’s versions of Batman aka the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Now, Batman aka Bruce Wayne has been well known throughout the comics for years and a huge part of the DC comics.  But we’ve only got to know Batman through the comics and very seldom did the writer or screenwriter touched on Bruce Wayne.  Christopher Nolan’s version of Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale (I’m not ashamed to say I have a huge crush on him) is reintroduced from childhood to adulthood as we see what led him to take on the persona of Batman.  The source of all his anger and hatred is when his parents are killed in front of him as a little boy.  He grows up feeling immerse guilt and he actually says to his mentor in the beginning of the movie that his anger outweighed his guilt.

Out of all his enemies Bruce/Batman has encountered throughout the 3 movies, his main archenemy is the Joker, who is hilariously introduced in the Dark Knight and what’s Batman in a movie or a comic without the Joker.  And let me say that the late Heath Ledger played Joker the best out of any Joker out there in film or cartoon and had great chemistry with Christian Bale’s Batman.  I literally laughed sometimes and was terrified because Joker intensified some psychotic tendencies throughout the movie that although some parts was funny like some of the dialogue but dude had a point to prove.  His point was that anyone under any pressure could crack and basically introduced anarchy or chaos at anytime, including if not especially Batman.  What makes these two archenemies to each other is that they represent good vs. evil.  Batman’s whole point throughout the trilogy is to save Gotham from the corruption that has taken place throughout his lifetime in the city where he grew up in.  He’s a vigilante who does things that the police were either scared to do or was not able to do.  But he was the hero they wanted but not the one they needed, as it was eloquently quoted by Commissioner Gordon at the end of the movie.  The Joker on the other hand wasn’t out to prove anything except that no one was entirely good.  He killed numerous people throughout the film, lied about how he got his scars, and was the ultimate manipulator and planner of the mass destruction that went down in Gotham to the point where the mob was scared of him.  Joker represented pure evil.

Now Joker main target was to push Batman to the limit, where he would cross that fine line from going the city’s hero to an outlawed vigilante.  Even though, Batman was successful in defeating the Joker, eventually, Joker did win by pushing Batman to the limit when he killed the love of his life, Rachel who was ironically also the love of Harvey Dent aka two-face life. (if you’ve seen the movie, then you know how Harvey Dent became two-faced and what led him down that path).  If you seen the recent movie The Dark Knight Rises, then you know that Batman hasn’t been seen in years but also a fugitive and Bruce has virtually become a recluse grieving for Rachel.

Now the reason I chose Batman and Joker as examples of an archenemy relationship is besides the fact that I am a fan but more importantly, the Joker seriously challenged Batman than any other villain in the Batman comics, cartoon, and movies.  He made you think with the stuff that he said but he challenged the spirit and the emotions of Batman and made him question his own morals and ethical judgment.

What makes an archenemy different from a regular ole enemy is that they are recurring and as I stated with Batman and Joker, they challenge you more than necessary.  Most likely the challenge is to prove that you can and will fail.  Batman proved to Joker over and over again that he wasn’t going to give in to the threats, theatrical speeches, the mind manipulation, etc.  Batman over came what the Joker was trying to accomplish (except the Dark Knight ending).

As Christians, Christ told us straight up in John 15:18 that if the world hated you, know that it hated me before it hated you. So, in spite of the ongoing persecution and hating from people, especially your archenemy, you love them and treat them with love, regardless of how the world says we ought to respond or how our flesh wants us to respond.  The archenemy is always going to continue with the consistent conflict towards you.  It’s annoying, it sucks but we became the archenemy of Satan when we decided to make Jesus our choice.  Satan is a bit more craftier than the Joker and Jesus Christ is way more heroic than Batman could ever be.  Remember, he became sin for us, who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God in him, according to 2 Corinthians 5:21.  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when enemies attack, especially the archenemy.

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